Hi there, I am Justin Young and i’m a dedicated creative with 20+ years experience producing events, exhibits, interactive art, technology, and culture marketing. A majority of my projects have a physical or experiential component that will engage patrons in a museum, retail, or event environment and then a companion digital component that allows the project to have further engagement or social sharing.

I typically concept, design, build, code, write copy, and have experience with the pipelines and management of all those disciplines. I have worn many hats and I am proud of that fact. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and produce work on five continents. I’ve done work for two different United Nations agencies in three different decades, and am currently a contractor for UNESCO.

I am a passionate artist as well as arts advocate. My work has been exhibited in the DeYoung Museum, The Nobel Peace Center, and the Field Museum among others. I am a champion of the support local movement and I love working in teams and building community. For the last 2 months during the Covid-19 pandemic, my Musepop project has run a community support project for local artists publishing new exhibits each Monday and a live interview show each Thursday. I’m proud to say the site now features over 60 local artists and groups working in any medium. Please check it out and show the artists some local love if you can. Musepop.io/LocalLove/

Please get in touch if you would like to connect or work on a project.