Light Box Projection Diorama | Custom Interactive Installation

The light box projection diorama is a custom multi-interactive installation. The diorama box is an 8’ x 8’ x 8’ cube flanked by two interactive photo and video installations. On the left side is a projected photo video filter installation which allows patrons to select between 15 filters and take a set of 4 photos and select their favorite photo for printing and sharing. The right side is a classic green screen photo portrait studio with print and share station. The diorama sculpture serves as a playful installation that people can climb into. Inside the the box contains a 32” disco ball on a spinning motor, a series of CNC routed reflective clouds mounted on the walls, an array of RGB lights, a fog machine on a timer pipes in fog every 3 minutes and light and graphics are projected into and onto the box itself for branding and additional lighting effects. The installation provides a continuous flow of different looks for photos and selfies and provides a great ambient visual presence at events.

Video Sample and Project Photos Below

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Motion Photo Samples

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4
Project Photos