Infinite Frame | Interactive Video and Portrait System

INFINITE FRAME is an interactive digital video and still portrait generator with infinite output possibilities. The installation uses event or exhibit patrons as the subjects and conductors of live art. Participants create a video portrait in the automated video booth, and the video appears at the control station. The control station is a touch screen and custom gaming controller which consists of 30 illuminated push buttons and slide potentiometers. The controller enables users to select their videos and play them back on a loop while manipulating sound, video, and artistic modes in real time with a seemingly infinite number of effects. Unique art works can be saved on the fly by pressing the large green button on the controller. When pressed, the project prints free 4" x 6" archival stills of their favorite video frames. Video animations can be saved by pressing the large red button on the controller. Both still and animated portraits can be emailed to the user via a custom iPad app. If a poster printing station is set up at the event, patrons can order their favorite portraits via the iPad app.

Variations of this project have been exhibited at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco (What Tethers Us, Group Exhibition), Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA) in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Future Talk Group Exhibiton), Burning Man and many other events and exhibits.

The project can be set up in various way with a video projector, LED wall, or large TV as the video playback screen. The video recording booth and the video playback mixing station are connected wirelessly so the do not need to be next to each other. The video recordings do have audio. The audio playback can be played on speakers or headphones or disabled. Music and sound effects can be added as another layer of interactivity.

Video Sample and Project Photos Below

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Project Photos