Stage Dive | Photo Experience

For Salesforce Dreamfest in San Francisco, we created the massive photo installation Stage Dive! Our team produced nearly every element of the project, from the initial concept renderings, staging and event flow designs, to the custom green screen photo software, IOS photo sharing app and kiosk share stations. Participants got dressed up like rockstars and dove off the stage onto a custom designed inflatable safety device. Our photo software fired off a burst of photos of participants in mid air and then the photos were displayed at the photographers touch screen station. The photographer selected the best image which was then wirelessly sent to the share station kiosks. The photos could be shared to top social networks or sent to participants via text or email. We additionally built a custom photo sharing website to further aid brand specific social sharing. The installation serviced about 1200 people in 4 hours of runtime, and many thousands of spectators enjoyed the shenanigans from the crowd.

Video Samples and Project Photos Below

Project Videos

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Project Photos
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