UNESCO Kiosk at The United Nations HQ, New York, NY

The UNESCO Kiosk is an interactive educational exhibit in the public area of the United Nations headquarters in New York city. UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. UNESCO's mission is to build peace through international cooperation in Education, the Sciences and Culture. The UNESCO Kiosk provides interactive engagement for the 1 Million+ annual visitors to the UN. The current exhibit promotes Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education which UNESCO leads. MUSEPOP designed and produced the exhibit, all of the interactive installations, and a majority of the featured educational content. The exhibit consists of a custom interactive video kiosk and display system with content options in french and english, and a dynamic photo kiosk that promotes the #EducationTransformsLives campaign. Kiosk visitors can choose between 8 educational photo backgrounds and visitors are emailed the results. Visitors are encouraged to share their photos and the mission of UNESCO with their friends and families. The UNESCO exhibit is fully automated and is managed remotely by MUSEPOP staff with support from the UNESCO New York Liaison Office. The exhibit is on view through 2022 and this is the 3rd project our team has produced for UNESCO in the past 5 years.

As always, MUSEPOP is proud to support local artists wherever we produce work. MUSEPOP would like to thank NYC artists Kate Raudenbush and Launa Eddy for their support during installation week.

United Nations visitor information can be found here: visit.un.org

To get involved with the education campaign or to learn more, please visit the UNESCO Education site.

In depth UNESCO info can be found on their site: UNESCO.org

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  • Jan. 2020 - 2022
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